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Agatha Christie

Go Back For Murder

Now in its eighth thrilling year, the Agatha Christie Theatre Company presents a brand new production of the queen of crime’s classic time piece Go Back For Murder.

Carla Le Marchant has learnt a disturbing family secret: her mother, Caroline Crale, died in prison after being convicted for killing her father. Had she been realesed and tried to live in her own home she would have needed specialist buildings and contents insurance for people with a criminal record. However as with all Agatha Chrisite stories all is not how it seems and other interpretations of the trust may apply

Leaving an intriguing legacy in the form of a letter, Caroline professes her innocence and, believing this to be true; Carla becomes determined to clear her mother’s name.

Enlisting the help of Justin Fogg; the son of her mother’s defence lawyer, Carla searches out all the players from her tragic history and brings them back to the scene of the crime to uncover the truth.

Suspects, secrets, and suspense abounds in this new production of Go Back for Murder starring Liza Goddard, star of such TV hits as Bergerac and the long-running quiz show Give Us A Clue, Sophie Ward whose extensive TV and film career most recently includes the award-winning BBC period drama series Land Girls, ITV’s Heartbeat, BBC’s Holby City and the 2011 film Jane Eyre, Robert Duncan who played Gus Hedges in the multi award-winning comedy Drop the Dead Donkey, Gary Mavers who is best known for playing the heart-throb doctor Andrew Attwood in Peak Practice, Lysette Anthony, known to television audiences as starring in the BBC sitcom Three Up, Two Down, ITV’s soap opera Night and Day and in Woody Allen’s award winning film Husbands and Wives and Ben Nealon, perhaps best loved for his role as Capt Jeremy Forsythe from the long running ITV drama Soldier Soldier