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If you are looking for the latest Agatha Christie books, plays, videos CD’s DVD’s or the latest electronic book such as kindle versions of The Murder of Roger Ackroyd and alike then you will not be disappointed with our on line shop.

As the shop is powered by Amazon, then you can purchase with complete security and confidence. If you have enjoyed this site then making any purchase on Amazon via any of our links will see this site receive a small financial reward. We will discuss how this happens a little latter, but ensuring this website receives a small financial reward for goods and products you were going to purchase in any case helps keeps us going. Let’s be clear were are not going to receive a regular monthly income that is available from an income protection policy, but every penny helps.

We regularly review the contents of our on-line shop to make sure it is full of the latest Agatha Christie products. These products don’t only include the huge range of books and CD’s offered by Amazon but many interesting gifts and unusual products offered by the wide range of independent seller who also feature on the Amazon webspace.

Besides the excellent cannon of published books which are still as popular today as when they were first published, there are many other ways of enjoying the work of the world’s greatest mystery and crime writers. The BBC radio collection features many of her novels all dramatised for enjoyment on the move or in the luxury of your own home, there have been many TV and Film adaptations or her work which can be purchased on the latest blueray and DVD. There is also nothing better than having one of her books read to you by leading actors including David Suchett, Emilia Fox and Hugh Frazer. The unabridged books on CD are very popular.

Don’t forget you can also buy the excellent Agatha Christie Miscellany written by the creator of this website Cathy Cook.

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Whatever it is you want the Agatha Christie Shop will take you to the latest goods and the most competitive prices backed up with the speed and security of the world’s biggest on-line provider. Remember if you buy any product and return it in line with Amazon’s policies refunds and exchanges are available.