AGATHA CHRISTIE | A Murder is Announced

The book is probably the best in the Marple series.
A book that begins within a town full of loveable, nice inhabitants, all without a single motive, or connection to the deceased ....... or do they?

At the end you will probably have everyone once in mind again. (I started to suspect the household cat at one point!)

In short, lovely and funny characters, a real head cruncher and lots of twists and suspense.

A classic!

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AGATHA CHRISTIE | A Murder is Announced
Published :
June 1950

Other Information

Maurice Richardson, in the June 4, 1950 issue of The Observer said, "For her fiftieth book she has chosen a snug, residential village setting with her favourite detective, silver-haired, needle-sharp spinster, Miss Marple, making a delayed appearance. Not quite one of her top notchers, but very smooth entertainment. The Prime Minister (Clement Attlee), who is her fervent admirer, might fittingly celebrate this jubilee by making her a Dame." (In the event, it took until 1971 for Christie to be awarded the DBE).
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