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Agatha Christie: Other Information

Here is some other information which you may find of interest:

- other Agatha Christie websites
- other websites about crime fiction
- and other websites designed by the author

Agatha Christie Websites
Delicious Death Website
  Delicious Death
  An excellent Agatha Christie resource full of information about the Queen of Crime and her books. If you are a fan of cover artwork this site boasts over 12,000 covers.
An American Tribute to Agatha Chrisite   An American Tribute to Agatha Christie
  An excellent tribute site from a fan based in the USA. Lots of interesting information and book images. Packed with Chrisite memorabilia.
Hercule Poirot Central   Hercule Poirot Central
  A very professional looking site with info about Agatha's most famous detective and loads more besides.

If you don't like the look of the site you can even change it to match your personal preference.
Agatha Christie Icelandic Homepage   Agatha Christie - The Icelandic Homepage
  A very comprehensive website offering a bibliography, quotations, key dates and also a recommended reading list for Agatha Christie fans.
RK Padasalgi's Tribute to the Queen of Crime   The Queen Of Crime by RK Padasalgi
  This website contains Biodata on Agatha Christie, a list of Agatha's book categorised by detective, and then.... a copy of a letter to RK Padasalgi signed by the Queen of Crime herself! How wonderful!
All About Agatha Christie website   All About Agatha Christie
  A very comprehensive website dedicated to the genius of Agatha Christie. There are pages focused on Agatha's detectives and well as many of her books. Also a news archive, trivia page and a quiz - there is loads to see at this website.
Polish Tribute to Agatha Christie   Polish Tribute to Agatha Christie
  A website dedicated to Agatha Christie, written in Polish, but with some lovely images, under the Album Rodzinny link. Although written in Polish, just go to Google translate, enter the website address, and you get the translation!
Queen of Crime website   Queen of Crime
  The website of Ralf Stultiens, a Dutch journalist and collector of Agatha Christie memorabilia. Although written in Dutch, just go to Google translate, enter the website address, and you get the translation! A very detailed and enjoyable site.
  The Agatha Christie Fanlisting
  A fanlisting on Agatha Christie - an online site devoted to the Queen of Crime that is created to bring together fans of the same interest.
Agatha Christie Queen of Crime   Agatha Christie Queen of Crime
  Some webpages dedicated to, in the author's humble opinion, the best mystery writer of all time. Here you can find a list of all her books, something about some of the books and something about the woman herself.


Agatha Christie Other Crime Fiction Websites
Fantastic Fiction   Fantastic Fiction
  An excellent site featuring comprehensive book reviews and collections of book covers from leading crime writers. This Link points to Agatha's home page on the site.
The Margery Allingham Society   The Margery Allingham Society
  The Margery Allingham Society was founded in 1988 to celebrate the life and work of a great 'Queen of Crime'. With Agatha Christie, Dorothy L Sayers, and Ngaio Marsh, Margery Allingham is ranked as one of the most distinguished writers of detective fiction's 'Golden Age'.
The Dorothy L Sayers Society   The Dorothy L Sayers Society
  Dorothy L Sayers was not only an excellent writer of detective fiction but she was also a completely unique person.

She was anything but conventional and is as interesting as the books she wrote.
Classic Crime Website   Classic Crime Fiction Website
  An excellent site for finding information on your favourite crime authors, as well as the opportunity to be introduced to other classic writers of the genre.
MysteryNet webpage on Agatha Chrisite   MysteryNet: The place for mysteries since 1995
  Features free online mysteries and mystery games. Sign up for the free monthly email mystery. Discover mystery books, TV shows, movies, mystery games, and discuss with others at
Literature Network webpage on Agatha Christie   The Literature Network: Agatha Christie
  A detailed webpage on the life and work of Agatha Christie.
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Agatha Christie Author's Other Websites
Albert and Harold website on Steptoe & Son
  Albert & Harold
  A fans tribute site to famous television show, Steptoe and Son

While maintaining a simple look this site has some quality features including a PHP MySQL database linked page, enabling extra pages and their content to be added in minutes.

Also features highly popular and fully interactive fans forum
Saturday Night Theatre Website
  Saturday Night Theatre
  The Campaign to bring back radios longest running title.

Includes user forum and a spam proof registration system .

The site contains a universal theme which is included in the forum. Data retrieval and speed of download improved by use of MySQl database.
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